​​​​​​​​​The Planted Aquarium Store

South Florida's Specialty Aquarium Store

859 E. Oakland Park Blvd., Oakland Park, Fl




We will be closed on the 4th in honor of America's Birthday!

We will re-open Sunday, July 5th regular hours.


We are a full line aquarium store. Friendly, highly trained staff. Come in and experience the difference!

  • Largest selection of hard to find freshwater micro fish, exotic imported live bearers, dwarf freshwater shrimp and dwarf cichlids.
  • African, Central and South American cichlids.
  • Only Authorized Stendker Discus dealer in Florida
  • Complete aquatic plants section - Low light to High Light
  • Large selection of marine fish including exotic wrasses and clowns
  • Large selection of marine inverts and macro algaes
  • Large selection of corals, anenomies and gargonians
  • Aquarium Tanks in stock from 1 gal to over 100g. Filters, UV systems, LED Lights plus much more!
  • Largest selection of hard to find Manzanita wood and decorative rock
  • Complete line of Asian Planted Soils, CO2 equipment, dry and liquid fertilizers 

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