​​​​​​​​​The Planted Aquarium Store

South Florida's Specialty Aquarium Store

859 E. Oakland Park Blvd., Oakland Park, Fl



We are a full line aquarium store. Friendly, highly trained staff. Come in and experience the difference!


  • Largest selection of live freshwater aquarium plants
  • Hard to find freshwater micro fish
  • Dwarf freshwater ornamental shrimp
  • Dwarf cichlids and apistogrammas.
  • Large selection of African, Central and South American cichlids.
  • Large selection of marine fish including exotic wrasses and designer clowns
  • Large selection of marine inverts and macro algaes
  • Large selection of frags, corals and SPS and LPS and more! 
  • Aquarium Tanks in stock from 1 gal to over 100g. Filters, UV systems, LED Lights plus much more!
  • Largest selection of hard to find Manzanita wood and decorative rock
  • Complete line of Asian Planted Soils, CO2 equipment, dry and liquid fertilizers 

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